Strength & Therapy

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Therapy & Injury Prevention

Our goal is to get you moving optimally, drastically increase your strength, and prepare your body for the rigors of repeatedly throwing and hitting a baseball.

- Dr. Ryan Hamilton, Director of Player Health and Performance

An athlete is only as good as his recovery. The number one predictor of injury is fatigue and Dr. Ryan Hamilton utilizes a variety of techniques that he is certified in to enhance recovery and decrease muscle fatigue. Dr. Hamilton is full body certified in the soft tissue therapies of Active Release Techniques, Graston Technique, and is a licensed chiropractor. He is also a certified Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist. Whether you are dealing with an injury or trying to become more bulletproof to new injuries, our active therapy will help keep you moving well under the guidance of a medical professional.

Program Details

- Soft tissue treatment with an ART and Graston Certified Provider bi-monthly
- Additional sessions are available for a discounted fee as needed


Therapy sessions are included in every membership at no extra charge.


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