Strength & Therapy

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Strength & Mobility

The majority of players from youth to college spend a lot of time on skill development and not enough time on strength development. At the end of the day, with all things being equal, the stronger and more powerful athlete will beat his weaker opponent. Here at Velocity Strength and Therapy, we use a variety of movement, strength, and orthopedic tests to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each individual athlete and attack each weakness to build the athlete from the ground up. We train using a concurrent and conjugate system that is probably different than anything you’ve trained with before while maintaining and/or improving mobility utilizing the Functional Range Conditioning System designed to improve joint health so you can control your body at all ranges of motion. Our athletes become stronger, faster, and more powerful by training across the force-velocity curve which will lead to leaps in performance on the field.

Program Details

- Individualized semi-private strength training

- Year-round in-season and off-season lifting programs

- Mobility training from a Certified Mobility Specialist

- Continuity from 16u to collegiate or professional level

We track and assess:

- Movement Quality

- Joint Mobility

- Strength

- Power

- Hitting and Pitching Metrics


Summer Season 2020 (May - July)

- Full Membership: $300/month
- Live Training: $200/month
- Live Training (Lite): $150/month
- Virtual Training: $60/month

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